ora-36034: (XSMHIERCK00) %a %n %j %d %v One or more loops have been detected in relationship %1p over %2p. The last %3p of the items are %4p.

Cause: A relation was used that had loops in it. There were more items involved than could be reported.
Action: Correct the relation so that it does not contain loops.

(XSMHIERCK00) %a %n %j %d %v Se han detectado uno o más bucles en la relación %1p en %2p. Los últimos %3p elementos son: %4p.
(XSMHIERCK00) %a %n %j %d %v Une ou plusieurs boucles ont été détectées dans la relation %1p de %2p. Les %3p derniers éléments sont %4p.
(XSMHIERCK00) %a %n %j %d %v Eine oder mehrere Schleifen wurden in der Beziehung %1p über %2p erkannt. Die letzten %3p der Elemente sind %4p.
(XSMHIERCK00) %a %n %j %d %v Foram detectados um ou vários ciclos na relação %1p em %2p. Os últimos %3p itens são: %4p.
ora-02816 ora-14532 ora-25024 ora-29806